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Beekeepers! How have your bees fared this winter? Do you need help with controlling Varroa Mite this Spring? With AMITRAZ we are now successfully helping beekeepers from as far afield as Cornwall and Aberdeen.

The Varroa mite has wreaked havoc in the bee populations across the world and increasingly in the UK. Products licensed in this country are available for its control however an increasing resistance is being shown by the mites and large numbers of colonies are being lost despite their use. These products are often temperature dependant posing a particular problem in Scotland where temperatures often drop before the hives are brought back from the heather reducing their efficacy further.

Over the past 3 years we have developed a special interest in this matter and now have bee-keeping clients from as far afield as Bodmin, West Wales, London and Aberdeen. Our clients are now successfully using highly effective and non-temperature dependant product called AMITRAZ as part of their approach to Varroa control. AMITRAZ is manufactured in France and marketed in various European countries and New Zealand, but does not have a licence for general sale or use in the UK. Currently it is only legal for AMITRAZ to be imported to the UK under a “Special Import Certificate” issued to a Veterinary Surgeon by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (No you are not allowed to go to France and buy it just for your 3 hives – that would be an illegal import and a maximum £5000 fine!)

There are restrictions on the use of AMITRAZ in the UK and we are able to supply AMITRAZ to beekeepers on an individual basis, and where there is an established need to use AMITRAZ in preference to the UK licensed products (i.e. resistance has been seen to have occurred).Wherever you are in the UK, if you wish to discuss this, please e-mail or telephone Robert Thurlow at our Dumfries branch on 01387 259111.

What Our Customers Say

“Hello Robert, following on from getting AMITRAZ off of you last autumn we are very keen to ensure we can get a supply again this year. We used it with some misgivings but when one colony, which we knew was not doing as well as we hoped, had within 12 hours the whole of the varroa floor insert covered in mite we realised we had done the right thing. So far this year we have seen very little sign of varroa in our hives. This is a far clearer result than we have had using thymol, drone comb removal and oxalic acid. We still use the drone comb and oxalic acid treatment but are sure the AMITRAZ is the main weapon in our armoury. So we would like to order sufficient for 40 hives this year please” JH - Camarthenshire

“Dear Robert , Just to update you as to how our bees are after using AMITRAZ . The good news is that they all went into the winter strong and despite a cold, hard winter they have all come through well. On a quick first inspection some are already very strong. In previous years we lost hives over the winter, one year up to 50%. The only difference this winter was the use of AMITRAZ so as this is the only change we believe the success can only be due to the treatment. We will certainly use AMITRAZ again this autumn and hope that we can contact you in a few months to arrange supply.” EJ - Bodmin