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What are the Withdrawal Periods for medicines I use?

Visit the Noah Compendium website for the most up-to-date withdrawal periods. To navigate to the withdrawal table you require use the links on the. You can search for drugs alphabetically.

As a new pig keep what legestation is relavent to me

Animal Health has published a new booklet designed for people who keep, or are considering keeping, pigs or ‘micro’ pigs as pe ts or as a hobby. While owners of these animals may consider them to be of similar status to a cat or dog, they are farmed animals in the eyes of the law and subject to the samestandards and regulations as pigs kept in commercial livestock.

These regulations have been put in place because all pigs are susceptible to a number of highly contagious diseases - such as swine fever and foot and mouth disease - which could have a devastating effect on the UK’s agricultural industry if allowed to spread unchecked. These viruses are known as ‘notifiable’ diseases because of the legal requirement for pig owners to notify the authorities if their animals are suspected of carrying them. Keeping a pig in domestic surroundings has the potential to expose you and your family to zoonotic diseases – that is diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. If you are thinking about getting a pet pig you should carefully consider whether your home environment will allow you to properly cater for its needs and welfare.