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Responsible use of Anbtibiotics on Red Tractor Farms

Sep 17, 2018
Responsible use of Anbtibiotics on Red Tractor Farms

As of the 1st of June, highest priority critically important antibiotics (HP-CIAs) must only be used as a last resort. (HP-CIAs) are defined as 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins and fluroquinolones. Use of these drugs must be given under the direction of a vet and be backed up by sensitivity or diagnostic testing. What else is changing?

All Red Tractor dairy farms are required to undertake an annual review of antibiotics with their vet and discuss how the farm can use antibiotics more responsibly without compromising animal welfare.

This annual review can be part of your health plan and aims to evaluate the medicines and antibiotics purchased and used on farm and assess any antibiotic treatment failures and overall use of dry cow  therapy.

Medicine records must provide an annual collation of total antibiotic use on farm and it is recommended that at least one member of staff undertake training on administering antibiotics.

The changes also apply to Red Tractor beef and sheep farms who are now required to have a written annual livestock health and performance review undertaken by their vet. Disease prevention strategies which could help replace prophylactic antibiotic treatment should form part of this review.

List of CIA's

  • Excenel
  • Marbox
  • Naxcel
  • Quiflor
  • A180
  • Cefimam
  • Cephaguard
  • Cobactan

If you currently use any of these drugs on farm and would like to      discuss alternative      treatment choices, please contact the   practice to arrange a chat with one of the vets