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Watch out For Fly Strike

Jul 20, 2019
Watch out For Fly Strike

The recent spells of warm, wet weather mean we are starting to see an increase in the number of blowfly strike cases in sheep.

Flies are attracted to warm, moist areas of soiled fleece or damaged skin. Females lay eggs which quickly hatch to larvae that damage flesh.  In early cases sheep appear agitated and itchy, and will nibble at fleece, stamp feet and rub at the tail or breech area. The fleece becomes smelly and discoloured and may start shedding. If left untreated, animals become depressed and recumbent with the potential of progressing to death.  Controlling worms, shearing/dagging and prompt removal of fallen stock will aid in prevention. We have a number of products in stock to aid in the prevention and treatment of fly strike. Be sure to speak to our vets for more information on managing strike in your flock.

Product      Prevention Period                  Strike Treatment             Meat Withdrawal
CLiK           16 weeks                            Not suitable to treat               40 days
Crovect       6-8 weeks                          Suitable                                 8 days

Spotinor      Not suitable to prevent       Suitable                                35 days