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Sep 21, 2019

Here is a checklist of some useful points to go through in the coming months in the sheep world!


Cull any problem ewes - bad bags, broken mouth, repeated lameness, thin BCS, vaginal prolapses  

Lameness - sore feet in ewes will go on to affect future fertility and BCS 

BCS - to help manage grazing, aiming for between 3 -3.5 at tupping time  

Vaccination - abortion vaccines should be done at least 4 weeks pre tupping so rememeber to get orders in ASAP! Fly protection - Blowfly strike has been a major issue this summer so there is a need to be extra vigilant even in clipped ewes!



Quarantine - keep new stock isolated for 4 weeks and in this time  

Treat for worms with zolvix  
Yard all sheep for 24-48 hours to avoid contaminating pasture with worms 
Look for foot lesions and treat anything necessary +/- footbath for disinfection  
Treat for scab by either dipping in organophosphates, or injecting with moxidectin or doramectin  
Turn out onto contaminated pasture (i.e. pasture that has had sheep on it) for the rest of quarantine and monitor for any signs of disease



TUP MOT - needs to be checked 6-8 weeks pre tupping to ensure tups are fit and fertile at tupping time  

Toes: sore feet affects fertility and performance  

Teeth: broken mouthed tups won’t be able to maintain BCS throughout the season  

Testicles: scrotum size should be within accepted standards, tescticles shouldn’t be too close to the body and they should  feel firm with no lumps or bumps 

Tone: BCS 3 at tupping time  

Treat: tups are more susceptible to worms at this time of year



Lameness has been an issue this year with scald and footrot being the most common causes  - treat quickly with injectible or topical antibiotics or footbathing if large numbers affected  

Parasite control - worming and fly control should be maintained throughout the summer especially in the wet and mild weather providing ideal conditions