Ark Veterinary Centre

Fluke Forecast 2019

Oct 3, 2019

While last autumn proved to be a low risk year for liver fluke, the high levels of rainfall we’ve seen this summer have led to a predicted moderate liver fluke risk across South West Scotland.

It is important to focus on monitoring, especially on farms with a history of fluke infection and/or if animals are grazing on known “flukey” pastures. Sheep are more susceptible to acute infections, with signs including dullness, rapid weight loss, swelling under the chin and sudden death in heavy infections. Chronic disease is more commonly seen in cattle and may present later in the season with signs including poor performance, chronic weight loss and diarrhoea.

Control strategies should focus on appropriate flukicide product choice to reduce drug resistance and pasture contamination, pasture management and quarantine of new stock. Be sure to contact the practice if you have any questions regarding fluke control on your farm.