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Jun 4, 2020

Foston Substitute Milking cow Tubes Toxovax

Foston injection, a phosphorus  preparation which is commonly used to support metabolic conditions (especially downer cows), has been temporarily withdrawn. Unfortunately there is no direct           replacement available but we are currently stocking    Vigophos 100injection.The licensed use of this product is to support the treatment of secondary ketosis but it contains Butafosfan, an organic phosphorus source. The dose is 5ml per 100kg(iv only), so a 600kg animal requires a 30ml dose. 

Milking Cow Tubes You are probably aware we are facing a severe shortage of certain  mastitis tubes due to various manufacturing and raw    ingredient sourcing issues. As a result we have some new brands appearing on our shelves. Be aware to check for different withdrawal periods.


Toxovax  June represents the start of the 4 month window for the vaccination against toxoplasmosis before tupping. Be sure to get your orders in soon as stock is limited and we want to make sure you are fully prepared for the season ahead. A reminder that once you are contacted that your vaccine is in stock– the date on the vaccine is short so let us know the date you propose to use the vaccine. Once vaccine has left the building it cannot be returned. Toxovax is an injectable live vaccine used in susceptible breeding female sheep to stimulate active immunity against Toxoplasma gondii, a ubiquitous parasite acquired from the environment, and a common cause of barrenness, early embryonic death and abortion. A single 2 ml, intramuscular injection is given at least 3 weeks prior to mating.