Ark Veterinary Centre

Feeding Waste Milk to Calves and Sheep

Aug 4, 2020

In the face of the current extraordinary times many dairy farms are being asked to reduce the number of litres of milk they are producing, and looking for ways to reduce costs.

Feeding excess sellable milk to calves is an option that many people are exploring. This is certainly a way to reduce costs and an outlet for milk that is not wanted by the processer but must be done carefully. Feeding unpasteurised pooled milk from the bulk tank is a big Johnes disease risk unless the herd is tested negative for the disease. Also, whole milk goes off very quickly, so do not store it for long especially if it has not been cooled. Keep everything from buckets to feeders    spotlessly clean. As always do not feed waste milk from cows with mastitis or  under antibiotic withdrawal.