Ark Veterinary Centre

2020 Winter BRD Campaign

Sep 7, 2020

As part of a drive to improve pneumonia prevention, we have carried out a survey to establish the levels of pneumonia in our herds last winter. As we had expected, antibiotic use was seen to be considerable in some herds. We would like to help you to reduce the impact of pneumonia on your herd in the coming months and in so doing, improve productivity and reduce reliance on antibiotics.

In order to do this we would like to offer you a free pneumonia prevention consultation before cattle are housed for the winter. The only cost to you will be for the visit and the blood sample. The consultation will include:  An assessment of accommodation.  Blood testing to establish the cause of previous outbreaks.   A written report outlining our recommendations.  A tailored pneumonia prevention and treatment protocol. To book your free consultation, please contact either Alison on 07810346306 or the practice on 01576 202552.