Farm animals

Preturnout Bull MOT

Our focus is often on the cows in a herd but please remember your bulls too!

Ensuring these guys are in peak condition gives the best chance for a successful calving season next year. On average a bull would be expected to get 90% of his girlfriends pregnant in a 9-week period- tough work for any male! We can offer foot trimming, a full clinical examination alongside a semen evaluation in one visit with our side tipping crush. The clinical examination and semen evaluation includes:

  • Assessment of heart, eyes, teeth and lungs
  • Full routine foot trim
  • Assessment of testicles and penis (the money makers!)
  • Palpation of the prostate
  • Microscopic evaluation of the quality of sperm as an indicator of fertility Lameness can affect a bull’s fertility for up to 6 weeks- don’t let time run out when it comes to getting your bull ready for turnout.

Set up fee for the crush is £75 + VAT plus visit fee. To book a visit please call the practice.